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How social is your platform?
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Crowdsourcing platforms

  • Generate more traffic to your platform
  • Improve the quality of your worker's contributions
  • Compare your platform against your competitors

UX Designers

  • Increase your member's retention
  • Find out which features your platform is missing for a successful community
  • Perform "social user tests" to see what impression your platform gives

Community managers

  • Crowdsource within your (internal) community
  • Use our workshop cards to redesign your platform together with you community
  • Become a community designer

Our method

We have developed a set of Community Design Guidelines for Crowdsourcing platforms divided into 6 main categories. These are the base of our evaluation method, workshops and the card set.


These cards allow you to completely evaluate your platform, identifying certain gaps or missing features. Using the cards is the starting point of the (re)design of your platform. The focus is on making your platform act more as an online community. Research shows that the social aspect of a platform is especially important for the long time use by members. Therefore, maintaining your members to become experienced requires a social platform.

Download Cards

Each card contains one of the heuristics

Download Exercises

Brainstorm with the cards using the exercises

Overview Poster

Get a quick overview of all the heuristics


Based on research done at the Industrial Design faculty of Eindhoven University of Technology

Simon à Campo

Founder & Community designer

Javed Khan

Assistant Professor

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